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Construction, injection molds, press tools, cutting knives, fixtures and special purpose machinery

ZVT-FONAR a.s was established on 1-st september 1994 as privat joint-stock company without any foreign capital participation.

Her history fathom to the forties of last century, when there was established national concern "TESLA" later transformed to / ZVT -works computing techniques/ specialized in electrotechnical production. Thus there originated nowaday FONAR from tool-making division, with continuity of rich experiences in forms, tools and various appliances production.

On the present we deal with design, construction and production of forms for plastic and light metal alloys, chevron pressing tools and different special purpose devices according our customers desires. Following these demands the product is made from required standards / as HASCO, DME, STRACK etc./. The size of forms and tools is limited by the technological capabilities. Maximal dimension are 500 x 800 mm and the weight cca. 1,5 t.

The standard basic documents for quotation preparation and form design is 3 D model required component in format *.igs, *.vda, *.step, resp. 2 D drawing in format *.dwg and *.dxf.

By contacting our customers we lay the main emphasis an co-operation respectability, meeting delivery terms and high quality warranty of our products.

Together in collaboration with our slovak customers we are able to provide, from design and tool production, also a serial production of required products.